Pre Order Now: Dead Space

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*** Every Wednesday, Pre-Order Now takes a look at the top game that deserves your $5.00! Whether they be epic or super weird we tell you why you need it. ***

The game Dead Space for the PC, 360 and PS3 is one of those games that flew under my radar for quite a while recently while I have been too excited waiting for Fable 2 and Gears 2. That has now changed. This is one of the most impressive looking games I have seen in a long time and I can’t believe I didn’t pay more attention to it sooner. When the title says pre order now…it means it because this game comes out for the 360 and PS3 and ships on October 14th while the PC will see it on the 20th.

Why is the game worth pre ordering for the 360 and PS3? Just announced by EA that for the first two weeks the game is out you will be able to download, for free, a console specific suit for the system that you purchased the game on. The PS3 will feature a blue and black suit while the 360 will feature a kind of off white and yellow suit (don’t worry, a picture is below). The black one is called the obsidian suit while the white is called the elite suit. These suits will be made available to users via the Xbox Marketplace and the Playstation Network. What makes the suits worth getting? Besides a new look the suits will offer increased toughness and an expanded inventory in the game. Not bad for free.

PS3 Obsidian on left/360 Elite suit on right

The game itself is a survival horror shooter that takes place in deep space where you play as an engineer working on a space vessel where something ‘unexpected’ happens and you wake up swarmed by very creepy creatures. To me and my co-workers the game looks like either Doom or Bioshock but having talked to a few who have played this game it plays more like Gears of War favoring a duck-and-cover system to help you out.

I highly recommend the game and if you want these awesome suits you should spend a few bucks here in the next couple days to pre order the game to make sure you get it in time before they’ve been taken off for download. Remember, you only have two weeks to get them. Working in game retail myself you can see a game disappear day one from people coming off the street (not bums but they would like the game too) and picking up all the spare copies of this game then sometimes not seeing the game be restocked for up to a week. Having the game pre ordered as always secures you a copy of it and makes you not worry about acquiring the game when released.

A video for your viewing pleasure featuring gameplay using what looks like one of the more powerful weapons in the game.

-written by Junkfoodtony

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