Mirror’s Edge Movies

October 7, 2008 at 11:30 pm Leave a comment

Looking at Kotaku today I found two new gameplay videos for Mirror’s Edge. The videos were sent to Kotaku after meeting with one of the developers the day before. I feel that if you want to see the videos that you should go over to their website to see it since they took the time to get the videos for us.

If you don’t know what Mirror’s Edge is you are kind of in the same boat as I am. Looking at the movies I see a very cool running first person experience spanning multiple pathways over buildings and through alleyways. You get guns in the game but they don’t seem to be a main focus. The focus is on the intense action as you are vaulting over building and dodging helicopters. Check out the videos. Oh yeah, the game is made by Dice the people who make Battlefield and a earlier talk with them revealed that they are considering putting action like this into future Battlefield games.

Go here to see the videos.    Kotaku-Mirror’s Edge Videos

-written by junkfoodtony
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