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October 7, 2008 at 11:19 pm Leave a comment

Okay, I’ve had some kind of obsession with finding Smash Bros. Brawl videos in the last two weeks so I want to share what I’ve found that was remotely amusing.

The first video is animated and was done by a group of flash artists that I found on youtube. The video is called NiN10Doh! <– please tell me that you can read what that says…its not that hard to figure out. Its a funny video. I can tell these guys are big Nintendo fans by the fact that they included several games from tons of systems including Earthbound from SNES and characters from Captain N the game Master. Anyways, my favorite parts include Captain Falcon singing and the Earthbound scene. Oh yeah, this whole game sums up in 4 seperate segments the entire plot of Animal Crossing and why I hate it.

This second video is live action and was made before Brawl came out. It is extremely ridiculous and has very high pitched quotes like “I heard you could play as Peter Pan” and “I got a chili cheese dog, that says I’m awesome and fast”. Its good for a laugh but does not compare to the work put into ThereWillBeBrawl. The tetris pieces’ laugh is so annoying its hilarious and the many references to what tails looks like is awesome.

-written by junkfoodtony


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