World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Hunter Changes

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion is going to add loads of new improvements and changes to all things Warcraft.  Some of the biggest and most anticipated changes are the class specific changes, things like talents, spells and abilities.

The Hunter is a class that is very dependent on there pet.  They’re also one of the single best solo classes in the game because of this.  Its basically like having two people instead of just one, or more like 1.5, anyways they are killer solo’rs.

With Wrath of the Lich King, the Hunter will see its changes, but more importantly there pets are going to be getting huge overhauls which is something that has been long desired.  The pets are getting more diverse, and more importantly they get specific abilities that will make some people want some pets over another.

Bigredkitty is a huge WoW player but more importantly he puts out weekly vids of awesome new details from wrath concerning Hunters.  Now to me this is pretty damn amazing, the Gorilla pet is basically becoming a AoE (Area of Effect=Damage that hits multiple targets.) tank, in a very big way.

The two videos below show off the Gorilla in action.  It almost seems to good to be true, or maybe over powered?  If your a WoW player this is most definitely a must see.  If you used to play WoW then this is still worth taking a look at and if you have know clue about anything WoW, well then it might be worth watching. . .just watch it!

The following movie shows the Gorilladin in action:

This movie only confirms how amazing this new Gorilladin pet can be, another must watch:

-written by roughneck2426

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Megaman 9 XBLA now!

The original Mega Man in shirt form

Megaman 9 should be out for the Xbox Live Arcade now (being October 1st) and is already out on the Wii for download and on the PS3 network. Who cares how much it is, it will be good. The other writers for this site have played it on the Wii and love it. You will too. Cool, end of discussion.

-written by junkfoodtony

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Dragonball the Movie….The Game….

Goku with a dragon ball

So…if you haven’t heard that there is a live action version of Dragonball being made by Fox then…I’m sorry I’ve ruined your day now. I myself am a fan of the old show but after seeing screenshots of the movie I’m kinda scared. Scared because I’m still going to go see it cause I’m a fan..but that it’s going to be bad.

Anyways, Fox is pondering the idea of making a videogame out of this new movie. I have some words of advice for them if they decide to pursue this idea. STOP IT! Somebody slap their hand please.

Here is the official site for the movie for anyone interested. Chi Chi, Goku’s wife doesn’t look bad. All the male actors are terrible looking compared to their anime counterparts.
Dragonball Movie Site

*update- A bootleg trailer has been released for the movie. I’m going to wait for an official Trailer to hit but check out the bootleg at Kotaku

-written by Junkfoodtony

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Retail Gamers Podcast Episode: 014

This time its on time, or something like that.  We go over the usual fun stuff and do it in record time, just a little over an hour.  This podcast has tons of fun stuff and remember;

“Senor Cole Train tells you to check out the latest Retail Gamers Podcast with all its super dope games like Valhalla halla Knights 2.”  Senor Cole Train can sum it up in one word, “aight!”

Build a tent, or cozy up in the race car bed only a 7 year old boy could dream of, its time for Retail Gamers Podcast Episode: 014.

Retail Gamers Podcast Episode: 014

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-written by roughneck2426

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The Collectors Edition

*** Every Tuesday, The Collectors Edition takes a look at a game that has either come out as a collectors version or a game that has yet to be released. ***

This week we take a look at the upcoming hit, Fable 2.  This collectors edition has the standard stuff, extra disc, metal case and the what not.  But for a game this big the extras could be very interesting.  The full break down of what you get is listed below:

  • Bonus DVD; with behind the scenes making of commentary and viewable concept art
  • Collectible Hobbe figurine
  • In game content;Halls of the Dead Dungeon and The Wreckager Legendary Cutlass Weapon
  • 5 Printed ‘fate’ cards (What the hell are these?)
  • Plus some stuff that I might be missing . . .

Oh and as another added kick ass bonus, if you pre-order this game at all major retailers you get a free downloadable version of XBLA Fable 2 Pub Games.  Not a bad deal if you go all out for this one.  Stay tuned next week for another look at another great Collectors Edition.

-written by roughneck2426

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The Release Window

***Every Monday in the Release Window, we detail and list the games coming out this week, regardless of how crappy they might be!***

This week’s Release Window is…. Well, have a look for yourself. Enjoy!


  • DS
  • Pipe Mania ($19.99) Also on PSP & PS2
  • Margot’s Word Brain ($19.99)
  • Pop Cutie: Street Fashion Simulation ($29.99)
  • Princess Debut ($29.99)
  • Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood ($29.99)
  • PSP
  • Valhalla Knights 2 ($29.99) *Listen to Retail Gamers Podcast #14 for awesome news on this title!*
  • PS2
  • Mortal Kombat Kollection ($29.99)
  • PS3/360
  • Silent Hill Homecoming ($59.99)
  • Wii
  • Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility ($49.99)
  • We Cheer ($39.99)

-Written By Frank Johnson

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Banjo Kazooie Awesome Preorder Gift

I don’t know about all of you who read this but I’m pretty excited about this game. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts for the Xbox 360 looks like an awesome game and now confirmed by Rare at many stores has an awesome preorder gift. For reserving your copy of Banjo Kazooie you get just that. In November when the game comes out for the 360 the Nintendo 64 version of the game will be made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 points ($15) OR you can do the smart thing and preorder the game.

The gift for preordering Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts IS the original game…for free…two weeks early. AWESOME! If you have never played a Banjo Kazooie game then you’re missing out on a great platforming, adventure game. The style of gameplay is much like Mario 64 but with way more depth and tons of cool stuff to collect.

I hope the price holds up on the Nuts and Bolts game because it looks like right now it is planned to sell at $39.99 on the 360. So, lets recap. Awesome game for $39.99 with a $15 awesome preorder gift that others will have to wait two weeks to pay for…hmm…oh man…thats a hard choice. Yeah, buy the game.

Currently, the stores that will be giving out the code for the free download of Banjo Kazooie are:
          -EB games

See info about participating retailers and the preorder gift at

Check out one of our original posts for classic game of the week on Banjo Kazooie if you’re interested in learning about the original.

-written by Junkfoodtony

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